2022 Maker in China

SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Contest

Hong Kong Chapter – Final
2022-8-19 09:15-12:30



* The ranking is based on the order of project registration

Calvin Cheng

CEO & Founder

Wizpresso Discovery

Wizpresso Limited

With increasingly complex regulatory requirementsespecially in ESG, investors are overwhelmed with arapidly increasing amount of unstructured information inthe form of annual and ESG reports.

On the other hand,issuers face growing pressure to disclose and verify moredata. These factors combined with manual reportingworkflows compound the inefficiencies in capitalmarkets. Wizpresso offers capital markets SaaSunderpinned by cutting edge NLP and deep learningtechnology to tackle these challenges.

Our solutionsaugment capital markets research and due diligenceworkflows. For example,

Factify, our legal verificationsoftware, can save the issuer up to 75% time fromverifying information disclosed in prospectuses andfilings.

Discovery, our market intelligence software,enables investors to screen company and extract ESGinsights from financial reports and regulated disclosures.Wizpresso aims to enhance the awareness and use ofESG disclosure data amongst retail and professionalinvestors.


Gense Technologies
Portable and self-administrable medical imaging for remote preventive screening and chronic disease monitoring

Gense Technologies Limited
Gense offers an affordable and portable self-helpmedical imaging device for in-depth health monitoringand preventive screening at home and clinics. The devicetargets some of the costliest diseases’ early detectionand chronic disease management for liver, lungs, kidneyand more.

Developed as a home-based medical imaging modalityto assist telemedicine, the imaging scan can be self-administrable by users without any substantive operativetraining, powered by cloud-based machine learningalgorithms.

Gense is the Winner of the Alibaba/ HSBC JumpstarterGlobal Competition and is the Grand Winner of the ICTStartup Awards. The company is built by a team of 15PhDs and researchers from Stanford, Cambridge, and Hong Kong. The team is also coordinating over 8partnerships with professors on clinical trials andengineering.

Gense has raised USD 2.5mil from grants and investmentto date, and developed capacity to mass manufacturewith medical device certification.

The startup has also been approached by healthcaredistributors from over 20 markets globally, includingprivate hospital network, clinic chains, health insurers,and multinational conglomerates.

Justin Chan

CEO & Co-founder
Zhang Simin

General Manager
3D Printed Orthopedic Implantable Medical Devices

Wedo Biomedical Technology Limited

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Xi’an, WEDOfocuses on developing 3D printed titanium alloyimplants, biodegradable implants, and polymerimplants by leveraging advanced medial innovation.

Products are used in the surgical treatment of cervical and lumbar spine diseases, mid-termfemoral head necrosis, spinal tumor, severe trauma,tuberculosis, severe infection, long-bone segmentaldefects, etc.

Since 2020, WEDO has made major breakthroughsin the field of bone defect repair. Combining tissueengineering and 3D printing technology, WEDOdeveloped new bone repair materials and products,which overcame the limitations of high infectionrate, long treatment time, and complications inconventional materials.

AI Robotic Dermatology Laser
RODS Technology Company Limited

RODS is devoted to technology innovation in the Aesthetic industry. We have developed the world’s 1st AI Robotic Facial Laser Machine to replace the traditional handheld laser procedure.

Our core technology is the unique 3D facial scan and the algorithm in controlling the robot arm to perform trajectories autonomously.

It has been proven that it is a much faster, safer, more accurate, and more effective treatment, with a 90% improvement in all areas. Both customers (better and faster treatment) and service providers (cost-saving and less risks) will benefit from this new technology.

Ivor Wai

Chief Operation Officer

Dr. Kwong

Science Director and Executive Director

Large-scale production technology of recombinant protein

DreamTec Research Limited

DreamTec Research Limited owns the exclusive proprietary technology, which can produce various recombinant proteins with large-scale and efficient technology. Recombinant proteins are oligopeptides or polypeptides (proteins) produced in different prokaryotic or eukaryotic hosts (such as bacteria, mammalian cells, and plant cells) in a controlled form via modification of a special DNA vector with the recombinant DNA technology.

DreamTec has a series of genetic programming systems to produce recombinant proteins, which can produce different recombinant proteins including interleukin-3 (IL-3), interleukin-6 (IL-6), transforming growth factor-β2 (TGF-β2), glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), and stem cell factor (SCF) via fermentation technology for bacteria and mammalian cells as well as large-scale FPLC and HPLC purification technology. We have successfully developed different series of cosmetic medicine and health products such as restorative masks, biological tooth repair essence, and microneedle infusion solution for skin remodeling by utilizing different oligopeptides and polypeptides.

Moreover, the scientific research team of DreamTec has successfully developed edible probiotics containing different compounds and growth factors beneficial to the human body. In order to develop high-end healthcare products, meet the people’s demand for high-end healthcare products, and reduce the government’s medical costs, we look forward to collaborating with scholars in China on different research projects that can be industrialized for the benefit of society and contribute to China’s economic and innovative scientific development.


Digital Art Fair


Digital Art Fair is the world’s leading Web 3.0 fine art fair with a focus on innovative art created for every demographic that wishes to appreciate, create, and collect digital and NFT fine art. Our vision is to cultivate and inspire a new generation of art collectors to embrace the use of digital technology to explore the beauty of art and culture.  

Created for every demographic to EXPERIENCE the future of art, Digital Art Fair’s goal is to EDUCATE the new generation of artists, art curators, art administrators and INSPIRE the young generation with curated digital art and NFT programmes.

Digital Art Fair’s vision is to unleash the potential of ART X TECH in the constantly evolving digital landscape.

Heiman Ng

Head of Business Development
Kelvin Chu

Chief Resources Officer
Micro Gimble Stabilizer
Vista Innotech Limited

Vista Innotech (VIT), a start-up company under HKSTP Leading Enterprises Acceleration Programme (LEAP). We are a team with experts from various engineering fields, including mechanical, electrical and optical.

Our one-stop anti-shaking Micro Gimbel Stabilizer (MGS) is the smallest gimbal with 50+ international filed patents and excellent anti-shaking performance outperforming latest iPhone by up to 4 times. Along with our proprietary auto-calibration software, compact sizes small enough for embedding in smartphones, low cost, and easily integrated designs, we can set the best anti-shaking standards for camera modules of most mobile devices.

We successfully completed our angel round funding and became one of the portfolio companies under Particle X in 2020. We also joined LEAP in 2021 and won 6 awards in half year, including Geneva Invention 2022 Silver Medal.


Low cost, large format flexible intelligent sensing system

Ori-sys technology Limited

Ori-sys technology is a high-tech research company specializing in the research and development, production and manufacturing of flexible sensor systems. Founded in February 2022.

The company uses the talent and technical advantages of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to focus on solving the problem of high cost and difficult manufacturing of flexible sensor system.

The team members of the company have been deeply engaged in the field of flexible sensing for about 20 years and have mastered the key technologies of the whole process from flexible materials to flexible sensors and flexible sensing systems. Based on the theory of extensible superstructure circuit design and large-scale flexible circuit manufacturing applications, a series of low-cost large-scale flexible sensor systems and solutions were introduced.

The company’s products can be widely used in the next generation flexible intelligent terminal, flexible wearable clothing and other fields, and has reached cooperation intention with a number of domestic industrial giants.

Dr. LI Yang

Chief Operation Officer

Caroline York

Director of Marketing

Metahuman Artist MonoC’s Garden of Eden

Gusto Collective Lab Limited

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover. Gusto Collective has joined hands with the LCSD to promote immersive Art-Tech exhibition to engage audiences in Hong Kong in exploring the segway between science and art with meta human artist MonoC.



Zero Dynamic Technology Limited

Dr Body – Zero Dynamic Limited is committed to building the world’s leading digital musculoskeletal & digital neuro therapy company around rehabilitation indications. We are currently focusing on two directions, adolescent spine health and middle-aged and elderly stroke hemiplegia rehabilitation.

Dr. Body Spine focuses on foot and spine health, providing young people with radiation-free abnormal posture screening, assessment, and rehabilitation services. The development direction includes: an online spine and abnormal posture screening system, 3D/4D spine and posture measurement and management system, scoliosis digital orthopaedic therapy, etc.

Dr. Body Stroke focuses on the rehabilitation of hemiplegia for stroke. The team has developed the world’s leading CPPC (Central Conduction Pathway and Posture Control Technology) exercise rehabilitation therapy, which has passed clinical trials and has been trained in many tertiary hospitals. The company is stepping up its digitalisation efforts, opening up the linkage between hospitals, social health and families. In order to overcome the constraints of time and place, helping more hemiplegic patients to achieve telerehabilitation and improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation

Leona Ma

Operation Manager (Hong Kong)

Semi Finalists

  • FireAlert (FireAlert Limited)
  • Offline DLT for retail CBDC (iBonus Limited)
  • Hong Kong Science Park Building 17W19W Robotic Parking System (Yeefung Technology Limited)
  • LUMAT-SERS novel multifunctional fast detection machine (LUMAT-SERS limited)
  • WeVoice Glasses (Innospire Technology Limited)
  • Motion Sensing Controller for Esport (KellyJohn Studio Limited)
  • Project Vaccine (Vaccine Research and Deveopment Holding Company Limited)
  • Bioinformatics Solution Empowering Development of New and Better Vaccines (Beth Bioinformatics Co., Ltd)
  • Energy saving & self-cleaning coating (SAMBO Group Technology Limited)
  • ML Brain (AutoML Capital)
  • Cable-driven Robot System for Inspection of High-rise Building Facade (CUBE Robotics Limtied)
  • Non-destructive structure Concrete Radar Scanner (Tech Hill Limited)
  • ART-Quant™ (DNA-Tech Limited)

* The ranking is based on the order of project registration


  • Smart Food Label (ZenxTag Technology Limited)
  • Calioo (Calioo Technologies Limited)
  • EggLogics (Egglogics Limited)
  • Vision Carbon (Vision Carbon Limited)
  • Motiveclass (Heng Shi Technology & Engineering Co., Ltd.)
  • Artificial Intelligence Guiding System (AI Guided Limited)
  • WindCycle (OBrien Tech Limited)
  • O2O C3C CRM (Smart Business Consultancy Limited)
  • VeTrackr Vehicle Fintech Solution (VeTrackr Limited)
  • Motion Esports (Asia Motion E-Sports Limited)
  • eMat – Project management and construction materials procurement platform (Mattex Asia Development Limited)
  • New Generation of AI Brain – Ives (Intelligent Quantum Ltd)
  • Touchless Smart Business Card (NFC touch Limited)
  • Delivery Ape (Delivery Ape Limited)
  • NFT All-in-One Commerce Platform (NaaS) (NFT Investment and Venture Limited)
  • Future Salad (Allklear Health Limited)
  • Practifly – AI Powered Personalized Learning Platform (Infinity Lab R&D Limited)
  • MixCare Health (Mixup Solution Company Limited)
  • One-stop listing operation service platform (Bull Butler Fintech Services Limited)
  • One-Stop Supply Chain Finance eMarketplace (FreightAmigo Services Ltd)
  • Senior Deli (Carewells Limited)
  • Plant-based meat: Innovating on fat – Next level texture, juiciness and aroma (Good Food Technologies Limited)
  • VAS – Vertical Aeroponic System (Factgie Corporation Limited)
  • DeepTranslate AI Translation Solution (DeepTranslate Limited)
  • SmartPlay Trainer (SmartPlay Limited)
  • L.dNFT : Dynamic NFT as Corporate Digital ID (Paysmart capital limited)
  • 5G RV RACING (Formula Square Holdings Limited)

* The ranking is based on the order of project registration