Maker in China
SME Innovation And
Entrepreneurship Global Contest
Hong Kong Chapter 2023

The 2023 “Maker in China” International SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Contest Hong Kong Chapter is planned to be held in Hong Kong on September 13. This national innovation and entrepreneurship competition is organized by China Centre for Promotion of SME Development, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People’s Republic of China, Department of Youth Affairs are jointly organized by the Hong Kong Cyberport and the Angel Investment Foundation and are highly valued by the governments of the two places.

Contest Goal

Bridging together innovative technologies
connect with enterprises

Matching of market-oriented operation and
government policies

Connecting innovative technology projects
with industrial parks

Facilitating the cooperation and
upgrade of industries


Call for projects in 10 fields of science and technology

Artificial intelligence and big data

Industrial Internet and advanced manufacturing


Digital Entertainment and Third Generation Internet Application

Biomedicine and Technology

Internet of Things

Smart living, mobility and care

A new generation of information technology

New energy, energy conservation and environmental protection

New Materials

Awards for finalists

Office of the Government Chief Information Officer

Free participation at the 2024 InnoEX and the 26th China International Software Expo (CISE)#

#Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) will offer one free round-trip transportation and hotel accommodation during the CISE period for each CISE exhibitor, OGCIO reserves the right of final decision on the arrangement.


Opportunities for direct interviews under the Cyberport Incubation Program and Free use of Cyberport Smart-Space for 3 months

Angel Investment Fund

Direct participation in the “Flash Forward” acceleration plan – with angel investment of up to HKD 5 million and investor share buyback guarantee of HKD 20 million

City University of Hong Kong

Opportunity for direct participation in the “HK Tech 300 Seed Fund” program of HK$100,000 at City University of Hong Kong

Final Assessors

Jesse Shang
Members of the Legislative council of Hong Kong
Strategic Advisor of SenseTimes Hong Kong
Prof. Billy Chow

Associate Dean,
Graduate School of HKU
Chair of Endocrinology,
School of Biological Sciences

Lean Liang
China Prosperity Capital
Dr.Lawrence Poon
Head of Innovative Technology & CEO Advisor of Applied R&D, ASTRI
Dr.Ivan Sham
Chief Commercial Officer
Weiwei Chen
Grass Roots Angel Investor Club
Langtao Hu
Founding Partner
Steven Shi
Wiser Holding Group
Yongtao zhang
Shenzhen Oriental Fortune Capital
Brian Sun
Ch Systems Manager
(Industry Development)
Chief Corporate
Development Officer
Hong Kong Cyberport
Ivan Shum
Angel Investment Foundation

Semi-Final Assessors

Mr.Thomas Chan

Technology Development Manager (Knowledge Transfer Office),
City University of Hong Kong

Dr.Cathy Jim

Director of
RHT Industries Limited

Dr.Kenneth Lai

CEO of Research Institue of Technology Application
Dr. Joseph Rodrick Law

Chairman, J Global Limited
CEO, Chill Labs

Mr. Alan Li
Blockchain Investment Lead & Director
Da Wan Asset Management

Ms. Alice So

Head of Entrepreneurship
Hong Kong Cyberport

Dr.Peter Luk
Chief Program Officer of
Angel Investment Foundation

*Ranking is based on the alphabetical order of the judges’ English surname


Potential field of use and market growth of the underlying technology of the project

Technological or business innovativeness of the project and intellectual property protection measures that have been planned or in place

Academic qualifications, work experience, entrepreneurial experience and technical background of the project team

Business model feasibility and responsiveness to market developments of the project