2023 Maker in China - Hong Kong Chapter

This year’s competition received near 150 entries, similar to last year’s, with a total of more than 237 patents involved in the projects. Some of the projects have won awards in other international innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, and there are also commercialized research projects from renowned universities, making the contest very competitive.



SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Global Contest Hong Kong Chapter



國際中小企業創新創業大賽 – 香港分站賽

JULY 2023
Two Contest Briefing Sessions
The organising committee of the contest held a briefing webinar on 11 July and a briefing seminar on 18 July at the HKTech300 in Admiralty, Hong Kong. Three experienced investors and last year’s champion and runners-up were invited to share their experience and introduce the details of the contest.


21 AUGUST 2023
Semi-final, top ten projects were selected
The conference held the semi-finals at Cyberport in Hong Kong. Seven industry experts were invited to serve as assessors. The participating projects underwent a roadshow to select the top ten projects that entered the final.

13 September 2023
Hong Kong Chapter Final
The Hong Kong Chapter Final was held at Hong Kong Cyberport, and was judged by 12 experts from Hong Kong and the Mainland in various professional fields.

Opening Addresses by Representatives of the Organisers and Co-organiser

Ms. Jia Hongwei

Deputy Director of the SME Bureau of MIIT

Professor Song Lai

Deputy Director General of the Department of Youth Affairs of the LOCPG in the HKSAR

Mr. Tony Wong

The Government Chief Information Officer

Mr. Feng Xu

Deputy Director General of the China Centre for Promotion of SME Development of MIIT

Mr. Gao Yuyue

Deputy Secretary General of the Guangzhou Municipal Government and Director of Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau

Mr. Peter Yan

Chief Executive Officer of the Cyberport Company

Hong Kong Chapter Final

Dai3mimi Health-Tech Ltd

Founder & Product Creator | Stephen Lam

Datality Lab Limited

Managing Director | Roland Leung

Calandex Innovation &Technology (HK) Co Ltd

Director of HK and International Market | Toby Poon

ATEC Film Technologies Ltd

CEO | Wong Wai Ying

Agilis Robotics Limited

PR Manger | Kwong Chun Hong

Memdes Bioworks Limited

CTO | Zhong Wenwei

Meat the Next Company Ltd

Co-founder & COO| Edmund Chan

SAMBO Group Company Ltd

Technology Officer | Dr. Wang Xiaowen

Qi Diagnostics Limited

Founder & CEO | Grover Cheung

Tech Hill Limited

CTO| MOK Wai Pong


Dai3mimi Health-Tech Limited

Award representatives :
Stephen Lam
Founder & Product Creator (Left)

Presenter :
Ms. Jia Hongwei
Deputy Director of the SME Bureau of MIIT (Right)

MOODIE.AI AI Communication and Presentation Training Platform
(1st Runner-up)

Datality Lab Limited

Award representative :
Roland Leung
Managing Director (Left)

Presenter :
Mr. Tony Wong
The Government Chief Information Officer (Right)

Graphene heating soft film
(2nd Runner-up)

Calandex Innovation &Technology (HK) Co Ltd

Award representative :
Toby Poon
Director of Hong Kong and International Market (Left)

Presenter :
Mr. Gao Yuyue
Deputy Secretary General of the Guangzhou Municipal Government and Director of Guangzhou Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau (Right)

Merit Projects
* The ranking is based on the order of project application date


Micro-nano lithography imaging equipment project

High-performance Copper-based Filter for Fast Virus Elimination
Seth Biotech Limited

Peptide fingerprint Database of Traditional Chinese herbs and drug candidate Heptapeptide
Sino-Peptide Life Sciences & Technology (HK) Co Ltd

Medical Service Robot
Novasdyne Limited

TENK- Making
Mobility Easier

Libpet Tech Limited

Zyetric Technologies Limited

Intelligent Construction of Fully De-identified Medical Imaging Dataset
PrivacyPro Medical Technology Limited

Smart Mobile Farm
Farmacy HK Limited

Next-Generation Wearable Hospital-Grade Heart Monitor
PealthMed Limited

Ground level dynamic
camera-movements robotics

I-Direk Ltd.

Preclinical Drug Safety Evaluation Platform Based on Organoid Chip Technology

ExportAs Limited

* The ranking is based on the order of project application date


2023 HK Chapter – Champion


Dai3mimi Health-Tech Limited

Dai3mimi uses the latest patented acoustic technology of material conduction system from a combined metal & plastic materials to transmit sound waves from the device into the inner ear through the skull directly, making hearing possible by bypassing the outer ear, the eardrum, and the middle ear where these areas are the most easily infected, damaged, and degenerated areas. This Neuro-hearing Technology achieves much clearer sound reception and helps hearing impaired users to hear effortlessly.

Dai3mimi not only restores the hearing ability of the elderly but also provides mobile communication which enables telemedicine for hearing impaired patients. It also helps relieve symptoms such as tinnitus, depression, and dementia through its patented rhythm vibration mechanism.


2023 HK Chapter – 1st Runner Up

MOODIE.AI AI Communication and Presentation Training Platform

Datality Lab Limited

Moodie.ai is a self-administered training platform powered by composite artificial intelligence, decision science and applied psychology which can analyze learner’s performance at highly granular levels, track performance changes over time, provide professional tips and advice for continuous improvement and connect learners with additional learning resources. It is dedicated to provide a more tailor-made communication skills learning experience in multiple contexts. Since launch in mid 2021, Moodie.ai has attracted significant media attention with contracts signed with insurance companies, secondary schools, universities, and other commercial companies already.

While most in-person and e-learning platforms are ideal for teaching new academic knowledge, they are not suited to teaching communications as a practical skill because (i) the learner needs to be coached one-on-one every time he/she practices (ii) the environment where the practice takes place will impact the learner’s performance and (iii) the content of communication is different in every occasion. Moodie.ai is unique in the market as it is tailored to help learners internalize a critical behavioral skill through (i) repeated practice with personalized coaching (ii) choice from various virtual environments that simulates the real world and (iii) dynamic communication contents that the learner can customize each time.

Our development is sponsored by Cyberport, CityU Tech 300, Innovation & Technology Commission, Quality Education Fund and Block 71 in National University of Singapore; as it has also won numerous awards in the technology sector, including Global EdTech Awards 2022 (Hong Kong area), Huawei Spark Ignite 2022, The GBA STEM Excellence Award (EdTech Companies) 2022, SICC Awards 2022, China-ASEAN New Smart City Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (ASEAN Division), and Smart Retail Incubation Programme for the GBA. and with patented in Hong Kong, and patent pending in Singapore and Mainland China.”


2023 HK Chapter – 2nd Runner Up

Graphene heating film soft

Calandex Innovation &Technology (HK) Co Ltd

Graphene heating soft film is a great breakthrough in traditional heat generating methods. For traditional ones, there are many regrets including low heating stability, poor efficiency, high cost, not suitable for greater heating area, or no good for personal products, high voltage, easily be broken or even danger to our life!

For our own patent heating film not only solve the above problems but also be curled for easy storage. Heat generating layer thickness can highly be reduced to 0.05mm. Working voltage is ranged from 5v to 220v and temperature can be set varied from 20°C to 180°C. All can be tailor made to clients’ orders. New outlook concept design can make the heating products jumps an undesirable step! How can you imagine this huge market for over 100 billions people living in cold weather down to -35°C ! Good outlook, low cost plus enviromental protection concept, saving energy heating products really in great need!


2023 HK Chapter – Merit

ATEC High transparency flexible conductive multifunctional film and encapsulation
ATEC Film Technologies Ltd
ATEC focuses on new applications of multifunctional thin film. Our two core technologies, 1) High-throughput simulation model optical thin film structure design with customized optoelectronic properties, and 2) Advanced thin film deposition technology for the production of customized optical, mechanical, electronic and isolation films performance films, enabling us to provide high performance films for a wide range of applications. These applications include energy-efficient windows, optical films for building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), vehicle-integrated photovoltaics (VIPV), near-infrared transmissive conductive films for automotive sensors, flexible optoelectronic devices (such as flexible solar cells, flexible OLEDs, and LED) encapsulation/transparent electrode film.

For the market pain points, flexible devices have poor barrier properties to H2O and O2 and high encapsulation costs. Also, some customers have specific requirements for optical films, but they face problems such as high development cost and product price. ATEC’s high-throughput simulation of multifunctional film can directly calculate the required materials and the most simplified combination according to customer requirements, which can minimize the cost and development time. Customers can also adjust the proprietary characteristics of the product from many aspects, such as light transmittance, conductivity, appearance, etc, which is unique in the market.


2023 HK Chapter – Merit

Ultra-thin flexible robotic instruments for endoluminal surgery
Agilis Robotics Limited

Agilis Robotics is a Hong Kong-based surgical robotics startup committed to transforming endoluminal surgery with our highly miniaturized and flexible robotic instruments. Our mission is to eliminate the steep learning curve that is associated with traditional endoluminal surgery, which is hindered by cumbersome and unintuitive instruments. What sets us apart is that our robotic instruments are compatible with standard endoscopes used in clinical practice, allowing for seamless and cost-effective adoption into current clinical workflows. Additionally, our system is versatile and can be used for both flexible and rigid endoluminal surgeries in the GI tract and bladder, making it a unique value proposition in the current landscape of surgical robotics.

The surgical robotics market is rapidly growing, but current systems are expensive and unwieldy to implement, making it hard for smaller hospitals to adopt. Agilis Robotics’ solution fills this gap with a compact, cost-effective, and straightforward solution specifically targeting endoluminal surgery. With the growing trend towards accessible and easy-to-use solutions, Agilis Robotics is well-positioned to make a significant impact in the market. Our innovative technology has the potential to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and make surgical robotics more accessible to a wider range of healthcare providers.


2023 HK Chapter – Merit


Memdes Bioworks Limited

Memdes Bioworks Limited’s original MEMDDS™ complex drug research and development platform uses a combination of new materials and pharmaceutical engineering to prepare sustained-release microspheres, abandoning the traditional homogeneous preparation of sustained-release microspheres. Select appropriate new materials according to the drug system to prepare sustained-release microspheres, and precisely control the drug release time of sustained-release microspheres.

At the same time, Memdes Bioworks Limited is a medical and engineering research and development team composed of pharmaceuticals, pharmacology, new materials, chemicals, medical equipment and other interdisciplinary disciplines, forming equipment and processes with fully independent intellectual property rights, and getting rid of the technology monopoly of foreign companies. Get rid of the monopoly of foreign technology, drug system, preparation equipment, and materials to achieve domestic research and development with independent intellectual property rights. Memdes’s slow-release microspheres have entered the kilogram-level pilot test stage.

The platform is chaired by Associate Professor Wenwei Zhong, a graduate of the University of New South Wales, Australia. The core members include a number of young researchers with chemical engineering and pharmacy backgrounds from renowned universities at home and abroad. The platform utilises self-developed membrane dispersion materials and devices for the preparation of slow-release microspheres, and is actively developing relevant intellectual property rights, with patents and industry standards already in place.


2023 HK Chapter – Merit

Meat the Next Tiger Nut Enzymatic Technology

Meat the Next Company Limited

Meat the Next is a superfood technology company that develops new protein food solutions and future foods to combat climate change. With core technologies and sustainable plant-based ingredients such as tiger nuts and fishy soya, they develop tasty, nutritionally balanced and affordable non-dairy products for the well-being of the general public. We are committed to a green diet and aim to create a sustainable future.

Their secret source is that we control the source of plant raw materials, stabilising its quality and supply. Meat the Next also have patented enzyme technology that enhances the extraction of plant nutrients, including protein and mineral content. Meat the Next’s own products, Tiger Nut Non-Dairy Ice Cream and Tiger Nut Oat Milk, have already been launched in the market and are being sold through different channels, with the aim of promoting the concept of healthy and sustainable diets. In addition to Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area markets, Meat the Next is also actively developing markets in Southeast Asia, Japan and Australia to expand its social influence. Meat the Next will enhance the overall consumer experience in terms of taste, nutritional value, flavour and price.


2023 HK Chapter – Merit

Energy-saving heat insulation self-cleaning glass transparent nano coating

SAMBO Group Company Limited

Sambo is a technology-enabled company that contributes to global carbon neutrality by researching into technologies that save energy, save water and reduce manual cleaning costs. Energy-saving, thermal insulation and self-cleaning nano coating is one of their projects, which is a kind of energy-saving glass coating to reduce building energy consumption and carbon emissions. Through the application of novel material technology, process technology and equipment, we can improve the heat transfer and optical characteristics of glass windows, so as to improve the overall energy efficiency and comfort of the building.

The global construction market is growing rapidly, most of which are commercial and residential buildings. However, the energy consumption of buildings accounts for more than one-third of the world’s total energy consumption, and it is increasing. Therefore, reducing the energy consumption and carbon emissions of buildings has become one of the main goals of global energy conservation and emission reduction. Glass is one of the most common exterior wall materials in buildings, with its heat transfer and optical characteristics. It directly affects the energy efficiency and comfort of the building. Therefore, energy-saving glass coating is very necessary.


2023 HK Chapter – Merit

Non-invasive Breath Testing Platform: For Nutrition & Cancer Management

Qi Diagnostics Limited

Currently, there are many shortcomings in disease detection methods, which often require invasive procedures, can be lengthy and expensive, and may discourage or delay individuals from undergoing testing, resulting in late detection of health issues that may be too advanced to treat effectively. In light of this, Qi Diagnostics aims to utilize a simple and convenient breath test to make testing more accessible and encourage proactive health monitoring, with the goal of achieving earlier diagnosis and treatment of health issues. We expertise in the development and manufacturing of proprietary Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) nano sensor-based in vitro diagnostic and screening devices. The patented sensor technologies have high specificity properties to single targeted gas, which makes it clinical level for detecting specific biomarkers.

Qi Diagnostics’ flagship project is the development of a non-invasive breath test instrument for detecting lung cancer. Compared to traditional lung CT and X-ray examinations, using breath testing methods can provide real-time testing with zero radiation exposure and low cost, making it more accessible to the general public and enabling earlier detection and treatment, thereby increasing the chances of successful recovery. The company aims to expand clinical trials within the next 2 years, with the goal of obtaining clinical certification for the lung cancer breath test instrument and making it available for use by healthcare institutions as soon as possible.


2023 HK Chapter – Merit

Contactless Vital Sign Measurement device and application

Tech Hill Limited

Using patented image processing technology, sensor technology, and in-house design of 45nm CMOS process technology, Tech Hill has developed a cutting-edge Multi-Input-Multi-Output radar RF frontend IC technology. This technology enables the creation of a contactless vital sign measurement device. Through the integration of patented technology, artificial intelligence, and state-of-the-art high precision vital sign calculation algorithms, along with a dedicated hardware accelerator, our device can detect and monitor vital sign issues in real-time within a 1-meter distance from the human body. These vital sign measurements include heartbeat, breathing speed, blood pressure, blood lipids, body temperature, body water content, blood oxygen content, and emotional state.

The project reduces the risk of infection for frontline staff, non-invasive pre-scanning of patients’ vital signs and symptoms, reduces discomfort for patients due to blood sampling, is easy to operate and reduces medical waste.

By offering innovative solution, Tech Hill aims to revolutionize vital sign monitoring while prioritizing safety, efficiency, and patient comfort.

Final Assessors

Jesse Shang

Members of the Legislative council of Hong Kong
Strategic Advisor of SenseTimes Hong Kong

Prof. Billy Chow

Associate Dean,
Graduate School of HKU
Chair of Endocrinology,
School of Biological Sciences

Lean Liang

China Prosperity Capital

Dr.Lawrence Poon

Head of Innovative Technology & CEO Advisor of Applied R&D, ASTRI

Dr.Ivan Sham

Chief Commercial Officer

Weiwei Chen

Grass Roots Angel Investor Club

Langtao Hu

Founding Partner

Steven Shi

Wiser Holding Group

Yongtao zhang

Shenzhen Oriental Fortune Capital

Brian Sun

Ch Systems Manager
(Industry Development)

Ian Chan

Chief Corporate
Development Officer
Hong Kong Cyberport

Ivan Shum

Angel Investment Foundation

Semi-Final Assessors
Mr.Thomas Chan

Technology Development Manager (Knowledge Transfer Office),
City University of Hong Kong

Dr.Cathy Jim

Director of
RHT Industries Limited

Dr.Kenneth Lai

CEO of Research Institue of Technology Application

Dr. Joseph Rodrick Law

Chairman, J Global Limited
CEO, Chill Labs

Mr. Alan Li

Blockchain Investment Lead & Director
Da Wan Asset Management

Ms. Alice So

Head of Entrepreneurship
Hong Kong Cyberport

Dr.Peter Luk

Chief Program Officer of
Angel Investment Foundation